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Can I develop an eye infection from contact lens wear?

Can I develop an infection from contact lens wear?

Unfortunately the answer is YES! While millions of patients wear contact lenses safely every day, there is a risk of getting an eye infection from them. The most common infection from wearing contact lenses is Keratitis. It is when the cornea becomes infected. In some cases it can scar the cornea and affect your vision, if severely scarred, a corneal transplant may be necessary to gain clear vision.

Other causes of contact lens related infections include:

*Using extended wear lenses

*Sleeping in your contact lenses

*Bacteria or fungus

*Infection from a herpes virus

*Microbial build up on your contact lenses

*Failure to properly clean your contact lenses or the case they are kept in

What are the symptoms of a contact lens infection?

*Blurry vision

*pain in the eye

*Photophobia ( being extra sensitive to light)

*Foreign body sensation in the eye

*Tearing or discharge from the eye

*Unusual redness of the eye

Some contact lens related eye infections can cause serious vision loss, if you have any of these symptoms , it is very important to see your eye care professional as soon as possible.

How can I pro-actively avoid contact lens infections?

*Be extra vigilant when cleaning your contact lenses, be sure to rub them with the cleaning solution to remove the protein and bacteria. Even if your solution says "no rub" you should rub them anyway

*Always rinse and store your freshly cleaned contact lenses in clean solution in a clean case

*It is most important to replace your contact lenses as suggested by the manufacturer

*As often as possible, give your eyes a rest from contact lens wear and never sleep in your contact lenses