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Get a better view on life with better eyesight.

For all our patients, present and future, Norwich Ophthalmology Group is pleased to offer comprehensive eye care for the whole family including, but not limited to, periodic eye & vision exams using our state of the art technology, screening and treatment of common eye diseases and disorders, cataract extractions, emergency services and LASER VISION CORRECTION.  Call for a complete list of our services.

This is a great opportunity to talk with our experienced surgeons regarding the entire LVC experience and have all your questions answered.


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Our  Providers

Peter S. McKay, M.D.

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Anish U. Shah, M.D.

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Kinneri K. Kothari, M.D.

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Jerome Ramos-Esteban, M.D.

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Rebecca Kivlin, O.D.

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Words from our patients

Our Patient Testimonials

“I always waited for this opportunity to thank you for getting me back my eyesight. I must admit to the fact that I was  against the thought of eye surgery. But now, I have my full faith in you. After the procedure, I am very confident with the improvements I have noticed recently. Now I can see fine details without my glasses, along with the drastic differences in low light. I started comparing my eyes to check the difference, and I am truly mesmerized. Now, I am very anxious to go through the same process for my other eye. I never thought about the healing process, but I am really pleased with the fact that it was just a mild annoyance. I would love to recommend your services to everyone I meet.”

– K. Aubin

“The best decision I ever made in my life, was  choosing LASIK eye surgery with Norwich Ophthalmology. The entire procedure was absolutely painless and very simple, which kept me spellbound. Not to mention, it was quite fast too. The doctors along with the staff were very friendly in nature and very professional. It made me feel secure and comfortable, to be treated by such reliable hands. If I ever have to go for another round of eye surgery, I will not think twice before choosing their services. I am in love with my new life without glasses and my 20/15 vision!”

– Ben Barney

My heartiest thanks for giving my sight back. It feels wonderful without glasses, for the first time in my life. I was quite nervous when you suggested  two different options for my eyes, Restor and Rezoom. But you were absolutely right! Now I can watch TV for long hours, go for a drive, use my computer and even read books, without ever wearing my glasses.

– M. Belisle

Passionate, Professional, Practiced.


 Norwich Ophthalmology Group

"Our mission at Norwich Ophthalmology Group is to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care to all of our patients in a cost effective and efficient manner consistent with the expectations of our patients and the community we serve."

Norwich Ophthalmology Group has been Southeastern Connecticut’s leader in Ophthalmic care for over  35 years. We are your local, hometown doctors who are devoted to providing you with the best patient care and dedicated to improving your quality of life through life-changing vision procedures and treatments. We continually strive to provide the latest technology for you, our patients and neighbors, by integrating the best and most advanced surgical techniques and the most innovative eyecare technology as established by our founding tenets.

This commitment to the highest quality of care is paramount in this practice. We want to provide the best health care possible, and we want to do that in the proper environment. In addition to having the proper facility and equipment, we are dedicated to hiring personnel of the highest caliber. With the right personnel, equipment, and facility we are able to provide excellence in treating our patients.

Words from our patients

Reviews from Our Patients

“If you are looking for an ophthalmologist, I highly recommend Norwich Ophthalmology Group. The staff is always professional, attentive and concerned about your eye care. They will take the time to listen and in turn, explain things in terms you can understand. Entire staff is exceptionally friendly!”

“Dr. Shah and staff could not have been better. After monitoring my cataracts for several years I knew, as well as Dr. Shah, it was the time to have the procedure. I was prepped and told exactly what to expect and when. The entire experience was stress free, and my sight now is better than it was as a kid!”

"My husband and I have been patients of this group for over ten years and have always been treated respectfully and with consideration. We are seen on time . Explanations of medicines or procedures are given clearly and concisely. We live out of the Norwich area and find them to be confident and professional always. Highly recommended."

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