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Norwich Ophthalmology Group

Financial Policies

The physicians and staff at Norwich Ophthalmology Group are dedicated to meeting the needs of our patients. Please review our financial policy and your specific insurance plan to determine what your financial and referral responsibilities are as a patient of a specialty eye practice. Our staff is available to answer your questions. However, we cannot know specific coverage information for all insurance plans.

Insurance Coverage

Our specialty eye practice participates with Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance plans. Please have your specific insurance plan information ready for us when you arrive for your appointment.

  • Does your plan cover annual Routine Vision exams? We do not participate with any vision plans. Therefore, please check with your insurance plan to see if we are in the network.
  • Does your insurance require a referral to be seen here?
  • We will submit claims to both your primary and secondary insurance carriers.
  • All insurance information will be reviewed at each appointment, Therefore, please bring your insurance cards and your photo I.D. with you. It is your responsibility to update our records anytime your insurance coverage changes.

Co-Payments and non-covered charges

  • Co-Pays and Deductibles: If your insurance has assigned you a CO-PAY amount, that amount and payment of all NON-COVERED services are due at the time of service. If your insurance plan requires you to meet an annual DEDUCTIBLE, you will be responsible for payment in full on the date of service until you have met your deductible.
  • MEDICARE B: Each calendar year, you will be responsible for payment-in-full on the date of service until you have met the annual MEDICARE Part B deductible. After that time, you will be responsible for 20% of covered services at each visit unless you have a secondary insurance to MEDICARE Part B. Please let us know this at your first visit.
  • Non-Covered: Some services may not be covered by your insurance. Examples of non-covered services include but are not limited to refractions, contact lens evaluations and contact lens products. Refraction is a procedure to determine your vision correction needs and to prescribe your lenses. This is not a covered service by Medicare and most other insurances. Therefore, you will be responsible for payment when this service is provided.

Insurance referrals

Norwich Ophthalmology is a specialty practice. All HMO and other Managed Care Insurance Plans require their members to secure a referral from their primary care provider in order to pay for services. Without a referral, you will be responsible for payment of all services denied by your Insurance Plan.

  • All referrals should be received by our office in advance of your appointment.
  • If you have not secured the appropriate referral at the time of your appointment we will ask that you call your PCP before you are seen to obtain the necessary information or complete a waiver form.
  • You may also reschedule your appointment until your insurance plans’ referral requirements are met.

Self-Pay or Commercial Insurance Plans

Patients who do not have insurance and/or have plans which we do not participate with are required to make a minimum payment of 50% of the charges at the time of service. Any subsequent visit charges will be due in full at the time of service, unless arrangements are made in advance with our in-house finance department. A courtesy claim can be sent to your out of network insurance upon request. We accept cash, checks, and most major credit and debit cards.

Our physicians are committed to providing for your eye care needs and our billing office can assist any patient who is experiencing financial hardship. At the time of your visit, ask to speak with a member of our billing staff, who will work with you to set up a payment plan to meet your needs.

Are You a New Patient?

We encourage our new patients to arrive 15 minutes earlier than their scheduled appointment time. Contact Us

Words from our patients

Our Patient Testimonials

“I always waited for this opportunity to thank you for getting me back my eyesight. I must admit to the fact that I was  against the thought of eye surgery. But now, I have my full faith in you. After the procedure, I am very confident with the improvements I have noticed recently. Now I can see fine details without my glasses, along with the drastic differences in low light. I started comparing my eyes to check the difference, and I am truly mesmerized. Now, I am very anxious to go through the same process for my other eye. I never thought about the healing process, but I am really pleased with the fact that it was just a mild annoyance. I would love to recommend your services to everyone I meet.”

– K. Aubin

“The best decision I ever made in my life, was  choosing LASIK eye surgery with Norwich Ophthalmology. The entire procedure was absolutely painless and very simple, which kept me spellbound. Not to mention, it was quite fast too. The doctors along with the staff were very friendly in nature and very professional. It made me feel secure and comfortable, to be treated by such reliable hands. If I ever have to go for another round of eye surgery, I will not think twice before choosing their services. I am in love with my new life without glasses and my 20/15 vision!”

– Ben Barney

My heartiest thanks for giving my sight back. It feels wonderful without glasses, for the first time in my life. I was quite nervous when you suggested  two different options for my eyes, Restor and Rezoom. But you were absolutely right! Now I can watch TV for long hours, go for a drive, use my computer and even read books, without ever wearing my glasses.

– M. Belisle