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Symfony Intraocular Lens

What is it?

The Symfony Intraocular Lens is in the family of Multifocal Lens Implants, however it is designed to increase the depth of focus give more range for clear vision at distance and near. Other multifocal lenses will give a fixed focus point at near, and another distance. The Symfony lens will allow focus points from near to distance and clear vision in between.

Other multifocal lens implants may have difficulty focusing all wavelengths of light, causing chromatic aberration. This will cause a patient to experience glare issues, and distortion. Fortunately, the Symfony lens has been engineered to decrease chromatic aberration.

Who is it for?

People over the age of 45. In our 40's the natural lens of the eye loses its elasticity, and has difficulty focusing at varying distances. This is why after 40, most people need reading glasses or bifocals. This lens is great for patients who do not have significant astigmatism, and wish to see clearly at multiple distances.

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