Norwich Lasik: Visit To Vision Freedom

You need the vision freedom to see the world without inhibitions. The natural processes often develop these eye problems such as myopia. Working under the aegis of Norwich Ophthalmology Group, the LASIK department specializes in vision correction procedures, PRK, and LASIK.

Not long before, the contact lenses and the glasses were the sole solutions to rectify refractive eye conditions. Now, patients can easily access modern options like the Excimer lenses and advanced surgical procedures. You need to consult with us to find a suitable solution to your eye problems. Various available options include PRK/LASEK, IOLs, and LASIK.

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When LASIK is not for you

The doctor would check your eligibility for the procedure first. If you cannot have a LASIK operation, we would offer great alternative solutions. We recommend consulting with our specialist in finding out the most appropriate procedure. The alternatives include: Do get in touch with our Connecticut (CT) facility now at 860-889-5980. We offer a complimentary initial consultation to resolve your queries. The discussion would inspire the confidence to take a positive decision for vision correction.